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I hope you’ve enjoyed the Retirement Home Mystery stories as much as I’ve enjoyed writing them.  I’ve come to appreciate the characters and the various situations they got themselves into, but I realized it was time to move on.

Consequently, I’ve begun a new series of mystery stories set in an active adult community in Tucson Arizona called Copper Legacy Estates. As you would expect, the residents of this community manage to get themselves into all manner of predicaments as they interact with each other and the Tucson area in general.

I could not totally forget the folks at La Vida Aureo, however, and have included some points of transition.  You’ll remember Bob and Elaine Fitzsimmons who were unable to afford the investment and living expenses at La Vida Aureo and returned to travelling in their RV.  Through a series of unexpected events, they are now Residents of Copper Legacy Estates.  And, Professor Warren Jenkins Pearson recently accepted a generous grant from the Federal Government to study Native American peoples while on staff at the University of Arizona in Tucson.

These new stories can be found at .  As before, I encourage your comments and feedback.  And, if you enjoy these stories, please share them with your friends.

Thank you for your continued support,

Eugene “Gene” Davis

I realize that it has been quite a while since I’ve posted any stories about the goings-on at La Vida Aureo.  I apologize.

That is not to say, however, that there have NOT been any instances of nefarious activity during my absence.  Quite the contrary.

In the next day or two, I will begin posting Chapters from the latest Case, entitled Witches’ Brew., with all Chapters to be posted during June.  As usual, there will be references to New Mexico history and culture as an integral part of the story.  I have several additional stories in various stages of development to be completed and posted in the coming months.  I have also created a Volume 1, containing the first four Cases, and it is available in Kindle form on Amazon.  I hope to have Volume 2, with Cases V through VIII available sometime in June.

Thank you for your interest and I hope you will continue to follow Matthew Dudley and all the Residents at La Vida Aureo and their various escapades.

As always, I welcome any comments. suggestions, story ideas, etc.


Gene Davis.

To everyone who reads and/or follows my Blog, Retirement Home Mysteries, I want to say “Thank You” for your continued support.

If you enjoy these stories, I encourage you to tell your friends.  It provides additional motivation when I see the number of people reading my stories.

And, I encourage you to provide any suggestions, comments, etc.  The feedback is another form of encouragement!


I’m going to take some time off for the Summer and hopefully do some travelling and maybe some hiking and camping.

I’ll return in the Fall with new stories that hopefully you will find entertaining and enjoyable.

Have a safe Summer,

Eugene “Gene” Davis

The Author at Work

The Author at Work

An Adventure in Placitas

The call from Hannah Halverstrom was unexpected.  “Hey, Doc.  It’s Hannah. It’s been a while; I hope you’re doing well.  I’m calling to see if you’re up for an adventure with me in Placitas.  Yeah, I know the last time was a bit frightening, but this time I promise no home-grown terrorists, no Tecolotes with guns, no explosions, just an afternoon of fun.”

“Next weekend is the Annual Placitas Studio Tour where about sixty local artists open their studios to display their latest work.   Many of these folks came to Placitas for the incredible light and inspiration.  Some pursue their work as a hobby, some for recreation and some for therapy, but there are some truly world-class artists in this group. It will give you a chance to get away and see some really fine art of all kinds and you don’t have to drive to Santa Fe and contend with the traffic or Canyon Road attitude.

Check out the website and pick a dozen or so artists you might be interested in.  I plan to visit some long-time friends and one in particular.  He’s at Studio Number 30, Los Viejos Woodworks. You might enjoy meeting another retired engineer like yourself.

“Really, Hannah, Los Viejos, the Old Ones?”

“Well, Doc, if the shoe fits … Anyway, I’ll pick you up on Saturday, May 9 at about 10 AM.



Thank you for your patience.

March was a busy month for Matthew Dudley and the residents of La Vida Aureo. As expected, some unsavory new characters have appeared to disrupt the peaceful environment, but Dudley is once again able to assist the police in getting to the bottom of things. The Community Assist Program is underway and the Curmudgeon Crew embarks on a journey to help a friend discover a lost identity.

I’m putting the final touches on Case VII, tentatively titled Identities: Lost and Stolen; look for Chapter1 of Case VII on Monday, April 13 or sooner and the remaining Chapters throughout April.

Thank you for your continued interest and support; your comments and feedback are always encouraged and welcome. Please invite your friends to visit the site and follow along with the continuing adventures of Matthew Dudley and his friends at La Vida Aureo.

Gene Davis

Author’s Note: March 2, 2015

There are now six complete Mysteries set at the La Vida Aureo retirement complex. These are summarized on the Author’s Page.

At the conclusion of the most recent Case, Isabella Duncan decided to implement a program to assist seniors in the general Albuquerque community who are not residents at La Vida Aureo. This provides an opportunity to expand the types of misdeeds and crimes as well as the victims and perpetrators. I’m sure you can imagine the kinds of things that are possible! You can also expect to see more of Dudley’s Curmudgeon Crew; they are much too colorful to not be featured more prominently!

I plan to take a brief “pause” for the month of March. This will provide me ample time to develop additional characters and story lines for the months ahead.

I continue to be energized by your comments and feedback which are always encouraged and welcome.


Please invite your friends to visit the site and follow along with the continuing adventures of Matthew Dudley and his friends at La Vida Aureo.



Gene Davis

I hope you enjoyed Case V, Salvation & Sabotage, of the Retirement Home Mysteries series.

Case VI, tentatively titled War & Remembrance, is nearing completion and my goal is to post Chapter 1 on Monday, February 15 and complete the Case by the end of the month.  In Case VI, Matthew Dudley meets several new residents at La Vida Aureo who share some common history that Dudley helps to uncover with some surprises and unintended consequences.  At the same time, the Principals of La Vida Aureo wrestle with the issues brought to light by Martina Trujillo in Case IV.

I continue to be energized by your comments and feedback which are always encouraged and welcome.

Please invite your friends to visit the site and follow along with the continuing adventures of Matthew Dudley and his friends at La Vida Aureo.



Gene Davis

Happy New Year to all those who follow the adventures at La Vida Aureo.  I hope 2015 is filled with good news for each of you.

Sometimes the news can get a bit overwhelming and we can lose sight of the things that bring us happiness.  My goal in writing these mysteries is to provide some respite from all the “noise” of daily life.  I hope it provides an incentive to stay active and healthy and avoid having to live in an “up-scale retirement community” like La Vida Aureo!

I hope you have enjoyed the first four Cases and will continue to follow along.  Case V is nearing completion and my plans are similar to case IV.  That is, to publish the first Chapter around mid-month and complete it by January 31, 2015.  Case V is tentatively titled Salvation & Sabotage.  Some new characters show up at La Vida Aureo as well as some of the “regulars”.  Matthew Dudley and Hannah Halverstrom work together to discover a sinister plot lurking behind some rather harmless-looking visitors.  We learn more about some of the current residents as well as some of New Mexico’s colorful past.  I hope you enjoy it.

As always, your comments and suggestions are welcome.

Once again, my best wishes for 2015.

Eugene Davis


Greetings from the Retirement Home Mysteries blog.  I trust you had a peaceful and restful Thanksgiving.

I want thank all of you who Read and/or Follow my blog and take this opportunity to briefly pause and recap things so far and provide an indication of things to come.

To date, there are three complete and “separate” mysteries set at the La Vida Aureo retirement community in Albuquerque, New Mexico, summarized as follows:

Case I (September 2014): The Virgin and the Maintenance Man:  La Vida Aureo’s macho maintenance man is discovered stabbed to death by a large screwdriver. The police and Matthew Dudley must not only identify the murderer but determine how the crime was actually committed.

Case II (October 2014): Passion, Physical Therapy and Profit:  There are strange happenings in the Physical Therapy Department and the motives of several people must be understood to get to the bottom of a drug operation potentially affecting the entire Albuquerque community.

Case III (November 2014): Damsels, Don Juan, Drama and Death:  Matthew Dudley must unravel a series of complex personal relationships to determine the events leading to the death of a resident.

Case IV, tentatively titled Undercover Operations, is completed and I am checking it carefully for typos, etc. before I post the first Chapter.  My goal is to post Chapter 1 in mid-December and complete the Case by December 31.  This time, Matthew Dudley finds himself in the middle of internal crime as well as a sinister plot of international terrorism.

If you enjoy these stories, I encourage you to share them with your friends, many of whom would appreciate more reasons to avoid retirement homes as they age!

A couple of suggestions for potential new readers:

  1. The dates of the Posts are arranged in “reverse order” so that the Chapters appear “in sequence” on the web page; you can just ignore the dates.
  2. Clicking on the Category button on the right (Case I, etc.) will take you to an entire Case in Chapter order.
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  5. I suggest starting with Case I so you get introduced to the main characters.

Finally, I encourage and welcome your feedback, comments and suggestions concerning the characters, story lines, etc.  My goal is to provide an enjoyable reading experience.   Thanks again,

Eugene “Gene” Davis