Retirement Home Mysteries

I have always enjoyed a good mystery but have been somewhat disappointed that few have focused on all the nefarious things that can, and do, occur with Senior Citizens and in Retirement Communities.  I created these stories to address that issue.  The Retirement Home Mysteries are set at La Vida Aureo (The Golden Life), a fictitious up-scale retirement community in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Follow Matthew Dudley, a retired State engineer and La Vida Aureo resident as he encounters incidents of intrigue, mayhem, lust, greed and even murder. While my primary objective is entertainment, I hope these stories will encourage people of my generation to remain healthy, active and in their own home for as long as possible!



If you enjoy these stories, I encourage you to share them with your friends, many of whom would appreciate more reasons to avoid retirement homes as they age!

Finally, I welcome and appreciate your feedback, comments and suggestions concerning the characters, story lines, etc.  My goal is to provide an enjoyable reading experience.

Thanks again,

Eugene “Gene” Davis


Eugene Davis lives in the greater Albuquerque area. When he retired, he took two jobs as a “bagger” at the local Whole Foods and at Walmart. It was his habit to try to engage the customers while they were waiting in line for the checker to ring up their groceries. His comments were always light and pleasant. After a while in this role, he noticed that some people would share a word with him. On several occasions, when there were few customers in the store, people would stop to talk. It was during these brief encounters that Eugene began to hear stories about aging parents and the associated challenges. Many of these stories concerned retirement homes which encouraged him to begin investigating options for himself and his wife. It was these situations that prompted him to begin writing these stories.


Although many of the places depicted in these stories clearly exist,

none of the characters represents or is based on any person,

living or dead, and all the incidents described are imaginary.

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