Case XIV: Life Goes On … Afterward


As Isabella said, “life at La Vida Aureo goes on”.

But, I invite you to join me following Bob and Elaine Fitzsimmons as they drive west on Interstate 40 into Arizona. It is reasonable to assume they will experience their own adventures similar to those they would have encountered had they settled in Albuquerque.  It appears that Bob is on some sort of Journey that involves military personnel from his past.  We will have to see if they find a suitable place to live and what kind of nefarious activities await them there.

Professor Warren Jenkins Pearson is moving to Tucson to undertake a Project at the University of Arizona.  Despite its auspicious beginning, it should provide an excellent opportunity to explore the State’s colorful history. Hopefully, his relationship with Homeland Security will remain positive even though the border with Mexico is less than 100 miles to the south.

Nevertheless, there remain many stories and situations to explore at La Vida Aureo.  What happens in the developing relationship between Matthew Dudley and Janetta Johari?  What kind of unscrupulous activities will the Community Assist Team uncover?  Will Larry Blackburn and Don Orley locate any of New Mexico’s legendary gold mines?  What kind of mischief will the Curmudgeon Crew get into?   What kind of trouble will Millicent Branch stir up?

All fourteen Retirement Home Mysteries are available on this web-site.  They are also published in three Volumes as a Kindle book.


The Adventures of Bob and Elaine Fitzsimmons will appear on a separate Word Press web-site blog, tentatively titled Adult Living Community Mysteries.  Hope to see you there!




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