Case XII: Chapter 7: Trouble at the Lindermans

Case XII: Chapter 7: Trouble at The Lindermans


Roger LInderman was in a foul mood when he got home.  The long drive from Sandia Casino to his home in Cedar Crest had done little to soothe his frustration from another afternoon of losing at the blackjack table.

Camille Linderman had only been home a short while and was pacing the living room floor when Roger stormed in.  “OK, I went to that place today and signed a bunch of papers for my mother’s apartment.  They still don’t have the Death Certificate.  It would have been nice if you had been with me instead of wasting another afternoon at the Casino.  I assume your luck hasn’t improved.”

“I’ve just about had enough of your crap, Camille.  If it weren’t for me, you would still have to put up with your mother and I’d have to listen to your bitching every time you saw her.  And look at all the time I’ve wasted in that stupid Financial Planning class and waiting while you tried all of your useless witchcraft potions.”

“Don’t criticize my beliefs, Roger.  How many times have I proved to you I am capable of making potions to cure all sorts of things?  Wasn’t I able to cure that nasty rash you got last summer?”

“My guess is that your magic potion was mostly Calamine lotion that you bought at Walgreens.”

“Not true.  All the women in my coven have been working together to develop several really powerful potions and soon we’ll have a demonstration that will prove our powers once and for all.  The entire community will take notice and give us the respect we deserve.”

“Really, Camille?  Your so-called witches’ coven is just a bunch of old hippie women who think they’re some kind of mystical entities from previous lifetimes with super powers. You sit around talking about how you can use herbs and crystals and other stuff to control people, but it just a hen-fest.”

“You have to admit, Roger, some of the potions I put in my mother’s food and booze had an effect.  If you had just given me a little more time, I’m sure I would have come up with something that would have done the trick.”

“Look, Camille, your witchcraft crap didn’t work and we were running out of time.  The Pit Boss at the Casino threatened me again.  He was about to call some heavy weights to work me over unless I came up with the money I owed them.  I couldn’t wait around for you to try to figure things out.  My solution was much quicker and left no traces.”

“I could have done it, Roger.  You just don’t give me credit for my knowledge of natural systems.  I wanted to do this my way to get back at her for all the abuse she heaped on me over the years.  You never understood the pain I was in and how much it meant to me to watch her suffer over a long period of time and die slowly and painfully.”

“What ever!  I hope once you learn that the Coroner releases her body, you can make arrangements to her cremated immediately.   The sooner, the better.  Once that’s done, there are absolutely no traces and we’re in the clear.”

“I’m not an idiot, Roger.  I tried to take care of all that today, while you were probably getting even deeper in debt.  But, for some reason, those people can’t seem to get anything done.”

“That sucks, but you need to get some cash transferred into my checking account.  I assume you can at least do that?”

“I told you, Roger, I’m not an idiot.  Weeks ago, I went to visit her and took one of my potions and drugged her coffee. She was so out of it, I got her to sign over control of one of her accounts.  Things were going so well with my potions I had her write rather large check to me which I immediately cashed.”

What?  You got cash and didn’t tell me?”

“Relax, Roger.  I can get money for your account tomorrow so you can pay your debts.  I used that initial cash as an investment in the East Mountains Herbal Medicine Center.  The other women really appreciated it and my status in the group has grown.”

“You stupid bitch!  Your so-called Herbal Medicine Center is just a front for what you call the East Mountains White Witches Coven. You left me hanging so you could look more important to that crazy group of hags?”

Camille smiled. “Just so you know, Roger, I set things up so I am the only one who can get access to my mother’s other assets.  She was cooperative enough that afternoon to amend her will and I am the sole Executor of her estate. If you expect me to fund your losing ways at the Casino, you might want to start treating me differently.  And, I suggest you complete that Financial Planners’ Course.  I’m sure there are lots of naïve old people out there you can scam to support your habits.”

Roger slammed the door as he stormed out.


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