New Retirement Home Mystery Cases Coming!

I realize that it has been quite a while since I’ve posted any stories about the goings-on at La Vida Aureo.  I apologize.

That is not to say, however, that there have NOT been any instances of nefarious activity during my absence.  Quite the contrary.

In the next day or two, I will begin posting Chapters from the latest Case, entitled Witches’ Brew., with all Chapters to be posted during June.  As usual, there will be references to New Mexico history and culture as an integral part of the story.  I have several additional stories in various stages of development to be completed and posted in the coming months.  I have also created a Volume 1, containing the first four Cases, and it is available in Kindle form on Amazon.  I hope to have Volume 2, with Cases V through VIII available sometime in June.

Thank you for your interest and I hope you will continue to follow Matthew Dudley and all the Residents at La Vida Aureo and their various escapades.

As always, I welcome any comments. suggestions, story ideas, etc.


Gene Davis.

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