Case IX: Epilogue



Things did not go well for Donald Pearsall.  Even though the case against him was based largely on circumstantial evidence, he remained unable to provide an alibi for his whereabouts at the time of Alexander’s death.  He refused to disclose his association with La Raza Cosmica for fear that it would also implicate him in the death of Doris Connell. Pearsall had retained a capable defense team, but they were quickly running out of legal maneuvers to delay a trial.

The Albuquerque Police Department remained unsuccessful in their attempts to bring any members of La Raza Cosmica to justice.  Lt. Frank Garcia was among those who believed that, if they could bring serious charges against one member of the gang, they could convince him to provide evidence about many unsolved crimes in the State.  But that goal continued to be elusive.

There was a major restructuring in the Board of Directors at New Mexico Power & Light.  With Manny Vigil’s resignation, Graham Wright recruited several new Board members who could lead the Company in a more progressive direction.  The majority of the new technology demonstration projects were restarted under the direction of one of the original Project Managers and early results were very promising for several of the projects.  The Board also authorized a significant increase in spending for Energy Conservation training and education programs.

Isabella Duncan received an unexpected phone call from Serafino Huerfano who asked if could come to her office to discuss several provisions of Conrad Alexander’s Estate that related to La Vida Aureo.  Huerfano began by telling Isabella that the majority of Alexander’s Estate went to establish a Trust at New Mexico Tech to support engineering studies in the areas of energy efficiency and clean technologies for power generation.  “You folks here had a profoundly positive effect on Conrad at a time when he most needed it and he made several stipulations in his Will to say “Thank You”.  First, there is a large amount to be used to upgrade its kitchen and dining facilities.  Conrad wanted to express his appreciation to Paloma Angostura for her kindness.  While we’re talking about the Dining Room, a life-time subscription to the Wall Street Journal has been made in the name of someone called “Doc”. Finally, Conrad made funds available for Martina Trujillo so that she could provide for her parents for the remainder of their lives.  And, I want to add my appreciation to Conrad’s.”

Isabella was stunned.  “I do not have the words to express how much we appreciate Mr. Alexander’s generosity. Everyone here who met him realized what a true gentleman he was.  We will miss him.”

Later that day, Isabella asked Matthew Dudley to conduct a comprehensive maintenance review of Alexander’s former apartment in the Independent Living Section in order to make it available for a future Resident.  Dudley knew enough about Alexander’s behavior and did not expect that much would be required.  After a thorough inspection, the only item requiring attention was the main light switch by entrance door. For some unexplained reason, the ON/OFF switch positions had been reversed.  Dudley quickly made the minor repair and reported to Isabella that the apartment was ready for a new Resident.

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