An Adventure in Placitas

An Adventure in Placitas

The call from Hannah Halverstrom was unexpected.  “Hey, Doc.  It’s Hannah. It’s been a while; I hope you’re doing well.  I’m calling to see if you’re up for an adventure with me in Placitas.  Yeah, I know the last time was a bit frightening, but this time I promise no home-grown terrorists, no Tecolotes with guns, no explosions, just an afternoon of fun.”

“Next weekend is the Annual Placitas Studio Tour where about sixty local artists open their studios to display their latest work.   Many of these folks came to Placitas for the incredible light and inspiration.  Some pursue their work as a hobby, some for recreation and some for therapy, but there are some truly world-class artists in this group. It will give you a chance to get away and see some really fine art of all kinds and you don’t have to drive to Santa Fe and contend with the traffic or Canyon Road attitude.

Check out the website and pick a dozen or so artists you might be interested in.  I plan to visit some long-time friends and one in particular.  He’s at Studio Number 30, Los Viejos Woodworks. You might enjoy meeting another retired engineer like yourself.

“Really, Hannah, Los Viejos, the Old Ones?”

“Well, Doc, if the shoe fits … Anyway, I’ll pick you up on Saturday, May 9 at about 10 AM.



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