Case VII: Chapter 6: The Death of Martha Arthur

Chapter 6: The Death of Martha Arthur

When Millicent Branch arrived at Martha Arthur’s casita for tea, she noticed that the door was ajar. Upon entering, she discovered the body in the bedroom.  The Resident Nurse arrived quickly and said that Mrs. Arthur appeared dead.  She called 911 and the EMT Team placed Mrs. Arthur in the ambulance and sped toward the UNM Medical Center Emergency Room where she was pronounced Dead on Arrival.  The Attending Physician listed the probable cause of death as a heart attack based on Mrs. Arthur’s medical records.  He reported his conclusion to Denise Arthur and Millicent Branch who were sitting in the Waiting Room.

Denise was visibly shaken by the news, but rationalized the situation with the knowledge of her Aunt’s long history of heart trouble.  Millicent Branch, on the other hand, was outraged.  “This is all Charles’ doing.  I am certain of it!”

“Please calm down, Mrs. Branch.  You know Aunt Martha had a weak heart.  You’ve seen the bottles of heart medicine she had.  Let’s be thankful that she died quickly and without suffering.  It is much better this way.”

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