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Author’s Note: March 2, 2015

There are now six complete Mysteries set at the La Vida Aureo retirement complex. These are summarized on the Author’s Page.

At the conclusion of the most recent Case, Isabella Duncan decided to implement a program to assist seniors in the general Albuquerque community who are not residents at La Vida Aureo. This provides an opportunity to expand the types of misdeeds and crimes as well as the victims and perpetrators. I’m sure you can imagine the kinds of things that are possible! You can also expect to see more of Dudley’s Curmudgeon Crew; they are much too colorful to not be featured more prominently!

I plan to take a brief “pause” for the month of March. This will provide me ample time to develop additional characters and story lines for the months ahead.

I continue to be energized by your comments and feedback which are always encouraged and welcome.


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Gene Davis