Case IV: Chapter 4: A New Guest at La Vida Aureo

Chapter 4: A New Guest at La Vida Aureo

Dudley finished installing the first modules in the Store Room and went to report his progress to Isabella. “I installed a “diaper module” in the main Store Room and should have modules for towels and linens completed and installed by the end of the week. I’d like to watch things for a few days and see if any of the Supervisors have suggestions for improvement. I have a number of small repairs in that section f the building so it will be easy to swing by throughout the day.”

“That is simply wonderful, Doc. By the way, Hannah Halverstrom called this morning and wants to stop by later today.”

“Has she sold my house?” Dudley asked expectedly.

“I don’t know. She didn’t mention it. She said she wants to talk about a potential new resident, someone who was referred to her by one of her government friends. I’d appreciate it if you’d sit in with us; it will give you a chance to ask her about any progress on your house.”

Hannah Halverstrom arrived at La Vida Aureo to meet with Isabella concerning a potential new Resident. “By the way, several people have looked at Doc’s house in Cerrillos and I believe one young couple will make an offer. Both are artists and looking for a place to paint. Both have seen interest in their work in Santa Fe so they want to be near the Canyon Road galleries.”

Hannah continued, “A long-time friend of mine, Bob Witherspoon, who claims he is just a Civil Servant for the Federal Government, but I know he’s a section chief for the FBI, is trying to find a suitable place for someone he knows, a Mr. Wilson. He contacted me because this person currently has a home in Algodones that he’s asked me to sell. This person has early stage Alzheimer’s which has progressed to the point where he can no longer live alone. Ultimately, he wants to move back to Texas, probably Houston, so his stay at La Vida Aureo would only be temporary. This Mr. Wilson must have had a really good job with the Government because he has his own full-time doctor. He is getting some medication to slow the progress of the disease and his doctor manages this.”

Isabella said, “I think we have a vacancy in our Memory Care Unit to accommodate this gentleman. We’ll just need to complete some paperwork and prepare the room, but I see no reason why we cannot satisfy your request.”

A few days later, a large, black SUV arrived at La Vida Aureo and a doctor, an orderly and a patient in a wheelchair disembarked. Isabella Duncan was waiting for them as they entered the lobby. The doctor introduced himself as Dr. Chilton and his patient as Harry Wilson. “Mr. Wilson is suffering from an advanced case of Alzheimer’s as well as some other complications that affect his behavior. Lately, he has experienced a series of paranoid episodes where he believes that there are people intent on doing him harm. I’ve been treating him with a series of medications by injection to alleviate these major symptoms. Over the next week or so, I plan to switch his medication to pills which should be easier for your Staff to monitor. I intend to stop in every other day to check on his condition and adjust his medication as necessary. All I require is that you prepare meals for him and deliver them to his room. The Agency he worked for is arranging a more permanent location so he should be here only a few weeks. I trust those arrangements are satisfactory with you. If so, perhaps we could complete any necessary paperwork; I have other patients I must tend to this afternoon.”

“This is somewhat unusual, replied Isabella, but you come highly recommended and we are glad to provide whatever assistance you need, Dr. Chilton.”

The trio followed Isabella to a deluxe suite in the Memory Care section. She left them to settle Mr. Wilson in his new surroundings and went to meet with the Section Supervisor to review the unusual requests of their new resident, or guest.


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