A Note from the Author

Greetings from the Retirement Home Mysteries blog.  I trust you had a peaceful and restful Thanksgiving.

I want thank all of you who Read and/or Follow my blog and take this opportunity to briefly pause and recap things so far and provide an indication of things to come.

To date, there are three complete and “separate” mysteries set at the La Vida Aureo retirement community in Albuquerque, New Mexico, summarized as follows:

Case I (September 2014): The Virgin and the Maintenance Man:  La Vida Aureo’s macho maintenance man is discovered stabbed to death by a large screwdriver. The police and Matthew Dudley must not only identify the murderer but determine how the crime was actually committed.

Case II (October 2014): Passion, Physical Therapy and Profit:  There are strange happenings in the Physical Therapy Department and the motives of several people must be understood to get to the bottom of a drug operation potentially affecting the entire Albuquerque community.

Case III (November 2014): Damsels, Don Juan, Drama and Death:  Matthew Dudley must unravel a series of complex personal relationships to determine the events leading to the death of a resident.

Case IV, tentatively titled Undercover Operations, is completed and I am checking it carefully for typos, etc. before I post the first Chapter.  My goal is to post Chapter 1 in mid-December and complete the Case by December 31.  This time, Matthew Dudley finds himself in the middle of internal crime as well as a sinister plot of international terrorism.

If you enjoy these stories, I encourage you to share them with your friends, many of whom would appreciate more reasons to avoid retirement homes as they age!

A couple of suggestions for potential new readers:

  1. The dates of the Posts are arranged in “reverse order” so that the Chapters appear “in sequence” on the web page; you can just ignore the dates.
  2. Clicking on the Category button on the right (Case I, etc.) will take you to an entire Case in Chapter order.
  3. Each Case is organized as a separate Month, so clicking on a Month in the Archive section will also take you to an entire Case in Chapter order.
  4. If you click on the Follow button near the bottom of the page, it will ask you to enter your email address and, after you confirm, you will get each new Post (Chapter) delivered directly to your email as it is written without having to go back to the website.
  5. I suggest starting with Case I so you get introduced to the main characters.

Finally, I encourage and welcome your feedback, comments and suggestions concerning the characters, story lines, etc.  My goal is to provide an enjoyable reading experience.   Thanks again,

Eugene “Gene” Davis

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