Case II: Chapter 4: TLC with Betty Boop

Case II: Chapter 4:TLC With Betty Boop

A few days later, he was back at physical therapy and began to observe Betty Boop’s behavior a little more carefully. He couldn’t help but notice that her actions seem to be quite a bit more deliberate and dramatic than necessary for physical therapy. He noticed, for example, that she seemed to be brushing her breasts against the arms and shoulders of some male patients. And when she moved away, she seemed to make a conscious effort of bending over longer than necessary.

He remarked to Hans, “She’s either just an exhibitionist or there is something more complicated and potentially sinister going on.”

“Well, the patients she works with seem to generally be happy but I have noticed that they seem to have much longer rehabilitation programs. Even when she’s not here, they seem to be progressing much more slowly than other patients. The ones that I have worked with also seem to complain more about the residual pain associated with their surgeries. I’m certain that I don’t provide the same level of attention and TLC that she does but our goal here is to try to help patients recover and return to normal activities as quickly as possible.”

“Well, I’m certainly not being a voyeur and I am not a suspicious person by nature. Perhaps I’m just imagining things and maybe this is all innocent behavior on her part. I’m sure that the additional attention and TLC is a form of therapy in and of itself. I guess I need to just concentrate on my own program.” he said to Hans.

The next time that he was in the Physical Therapy room, Dudley watched more intently as Betty Boop worked on a middle-aged man who was sitting on a machine used primarily to strengthen leg muscles. Dudley did not recognize this man as a resident of La Vida Aureo; he must have been referred by his orthopedist.

Dudley overheard Betty Boop ask the man how he felt since his knee replacement surgery and how he was progressing with his rehabilitation. He noticed that she began to massage his knee while he continued to exercise and slowly moved up his thigh. This went on for several minutes and the man was obviously enjoying the experience. As the intimate massaging continues, he heard her say, “It’s time for your pain pills.”

The man’s expression changed and he complained, “I don’t like the taste of the pills; they’re bitter.”

Betty continued to massage his thigh, a bit more intensely and a bit further up his leg.

“Your doctor prescribed them for a purpose, but I understand that they are not pleasant. You should try my special protein drink. I can crush those nasty pills and mix them into a delicious and nutritious protein shake that goes down nice and easy.”

“OK. I’m willing to try it if you promise that it will not taste bitter.”

“I promise. Just wait here and I’ll be back in a jiffy.”

The man eased back onto the exercise, closed his eyes and seemed to drift off.

Moments later, Betty returned with a tall glass filled with what looks like an ordinary milkshake. “Drink this and you’ll feel much better”, she said as she placed her hand back on his thigh and pressed her breast into his shoulder. “Now, isn’t that a better way to take those nasty pain meds?”

Betty, I really appreciate all you do for me. I don’t know how I could stand this recovery process if it weren’t for you.”

“Thank you. I’ll see you again on Friday.”

As Dudley was leaving the physical therapy room, he made a point to catch up with this man and casually remarked, “You seem to enjoy your physical therapy sessions a lot more than I do.”

“Absolutely! It is Betty Boop’s special touch as well as the way she administers my pain medications. Her special shake concoction is outstanding! I complain a bit, but I’m trying to stay in this program and around her as long as possible. I think I’ll talk to my doctor about having the other knee replaced as soon as possible. I am not looking forward to the surgery but the rehabilitation program could make it all worthwhile.” He said with a satisfied grin.

Dudley became more suspicious with each additional tidbit of information he heard about Betty Boop’s approach to physical therapy and decided to question this man a bit more.

“I wish I felt the same as you do. I’m here for cardio-rehabilitation after a heart attack and don’t particularly enjoy it at all. Besides, I’m stuck with Arnold Jr. for my exercises. How did you get assigned to that pretty young girl?”

“Her real name is Katerina or Katrina Something or Other; I think she’s Russian. But she reminds me of that cartoon character, Betty Boop, with her cute attitude and the clothes she wears. When my surgeon arranged for me to come to this place for rehab, he also suggested I try to get her as my therapist. I think she specializes in knee and hip replacement jobs. After the surgery, I’m on a lot of pain meds and she seems to have figured out a way to makes them palatable. And, she’s really fun to look at and watch as she walks around. Maybe you should think about getting a knee or hip replaced; you certainly look old enough! By the way, my name is Horace Johnson.” He laughs, slapped Dudley on the back and walked away.

It was apparent that this poor guy was a helpless victim of Ekaterina’s wiles. But Dudley sensed that there was more going on, he just couldn’t figure it out. Or, maybe he was thinking about his experience with Mrs. Torres and was reading too much into something relatively harmless. He decided to put it out of his mind and get back to taking care of his own responsibilities.

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