Case II: Chapter 8: Happy Endings with Betty Boop

Case II: Chapter 8: Happy Endings with Betty Boop

The next day in physical therapy, Dudley noticed Horace Johnson and Ekaterina having a discussion that appeared to grow increasingly tense. They didn’t appear to be arguing but it was very different than the pleasantness he observed between the two of them previously. The discussion was obviously strained and Horace seemed to be hesitating about something. Horace followed Ekaterina out of the main physical therapy room to an area of where the sauna and individual massage rooms are located. About 30 minutes later, Horace came back into the main exercise room with a large smile across his face. He walked over towards Dudley and said, “Hey, old buddy, are you doing today?”

“I’m doing just fine, thank you. It looks as though you and Ekaterina were having an argument a while ago. I hope that nothing is wrong and that your physical therapy is continuing to go well. The last time we talked, you seem to be quite pleased with her and program the she developed for you.”

“No, no, everything is fine. She just was making some adjustments to my program and I didn’t completely understand. After she explained things better, there was a “happy ending”, if you get my meaning.” As he said this, the grin on Horace’s face seemed to encompass his entire person. He gave Dudley a hearty slap on the back and sauntered out of the exercise room. Dudley thought he heard Horace whistling as he got near the door.

At lunch Monday, Dudley noticed Mrs. Arthur sitting at a nearby table and having an animated conversation with Millicent Branch. Dudley tried to leave unnoticed through another door but to no avail. Millicent Branch called out to him. “Come over here, Mr. Dudley. I want you to hear what my friend Martha has to say. I knew there was something fishy going on in physical therapy with that Russian girl. Martha, tell Mr. Dudley what you were telling me.”

Mrs. Arthur obviously did not want to be put on the spot and hesitated to say anything. She simply waved her hands and shook her head and said, “It’s nothing. I told you, Millicent, it’s nothing at all. Everything is fine.”

“I don’t approve of that girl taking advantage of my friend Martha,” said Mrs. Branch, defiantly. I don’t think it’s proper for someone to pick up her medications for her. And I don’t understand all of this business with the strawberry smoothies at all.”

“Millicent, I told you that I trust Ekaterina and she seems to have my best interest at heart. I’m sure it will take some time to adjust to these new exercises. That’s probably the reason why my back pain doesn’t seem to be improving.”

“Nonsense, Martha. I know that there’s something going on. See here, Mr. Dudley, I want you to figure out what’s going on and why Martha doesn’t seem to be getting any better.”

“Perhaps, Mrs. Branch, it may just take some time to adjust to her new program. I’m sure that Ms. Bubolsky has Mrs. Arthur’s interests at heart. Besides, I don’t know what I can do; I’m certainly not a doctor. Mrs. Arthur, have you spoken to Ms. Bubolsky about your concerns?”

“Thank you for asking. Yes, I did speak to her and she said that she would look at the combination of medicines I was taking as well as the dosage. I’m sure it is nothing at all. She seems pleasant and concerned and her strawberry smoothies have made taking my medicine a much better experience. I may even see if she could do the same thing with my heart medicines.”

“I’m sure Mrs. Arthur appreciates your concern, Mrs. Branch, but she seems to be dealing with this in the proper manner. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a frayed electrical cord to replace on the third floor.”

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