Case II: Chapter 13: Wrap Up

Case II: Chapter 13: Wrap Up

Isabella Duncan and Matthew Dudley sat in her office for what seemed like a very long time after Lieutenant Garcia left, neither saying a word. Finally, Isabella spoke. “Thank you for spotting this situation before it got much worse. You know, Doc, I would have never expected something like this to happen here at La Vida Aureo. Maybe I’ve been too naïve. Growing up here, I was aware of the gangs and drugs in Albuquerque, but thought this place was immune to those kinds of things. I refuse to be afraid or paranoid, but we must remain alert, like Garcia said.”

“Isabella, I too am shocked. I believe that in my role as Handyman, I can move freely around the entire complex and will be more observant in the future.” Then, trying to lighten the mood, Dudley said, “I promise I’ll try to not become another Millicent Branch and see crime and mayhem in everything! I just hope we can put this kind of thing behind us and get back to providing the level of service and care our residents deserve.”

“Lt. Garcia mentioned one thing that I think deserves a suggestion, if I might. I know that these aide positions are not very well paying and that turnover can be a problem. If that makes these young people particularly vulnerable to a “get-rich-quick” scheme like he described, we should try to deal with it to decrease that risk. I obviously don’t know the details, but it might be worthwhile to review the pay scale and overall approach for this group. If we paid them a bit more up front and provided more training and supervision and more frequent reviews, we might be able to develop a higher level of competence as well as loyalty. That would benefit La Vida Aureo and our residents and guests.”

“That makes a lot of sense, Doc. Anything we can do to enhance our reputation would benefit everyone. I’ll look into the situation as soon as possible. Thank you.”

As they parted to resume their respective duties and responsibilities, they were both hopeful that things would run smoothly and that there would not be any major incidents, at least for a while.

Lt. Garcia, on the other hand, had begun to realize that La Vida Aureo was like a small town in many ways. It was comprised of individuals and there would always be competitions, petty jealousies and other typical personal emotions and these invariably led to conflict and trouble.


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