Case I: Chapter 7: Isabella Makes an Offer

Case I: Chapter 7: Isabella Makes an Offer

A few days later, Isabella Duncan asked Dudley to come to her office. “Well, Mr. Dudley, we at La Vida Aureo owe you a vote of thanks for bringing this matter to close so quickly and helping to demonstrate that it was actually an accident. It helped avoid some unnecessary bad publicity.”

“Please don’t call me Mr. Dudley or even Matthew. For the longest time, people have used my initials and have called me “Doc”. I prefer it; there always seemed to be too many Matthews in the world to begin with.

“Well, Doc, now that this matter is cleared up and I note that your rehabilitation is going well, when will you be leaving us?”

“As soon as possible, but it’s really up to my Doctor and probably my children if I can ever convince them to let me out of here.”

“Where will you go?”

“Probably back to my home in Cerrillos. It may seem a bit remote and I would be there alone, but I have plenty of projects to stay busy and interested.”

“Would you consider staying here?”

“On my state pension, there’s no way that I could afford us to staying in a fancy place like this.”

“Suppose I make you an offer you can’t refuse? I’m willing to offer you room and board if you stay on as our handyman, at least until we can find someone on a more permanent basis.”

“That is an interesting offer and I’d be willing to consider it; it would only be temporary, however. It seems that I have quite a bit of catching up to do with Señora Angostura now that I know who she is and realize the long-term relationship I’ve had with her family.”

“Look, Doc, let’s be realistic. My guess is that you would leave here and just go hang out with your curmudgeon buddies. I doubt if that would be good for you in the long-term. You seem healthy and vibrant and I suspect that you would just sink into loneliness and depression if you were to go back to Cerrillos. It would be to my benefit and to the benefit of this facility if you would stay here. There are other ways that I believe I can use your expertise. I talked to friends of mine in Santa Fe about your entire work history in the Water Resources Department and how you ended up in their planning section. The Owners and I want to grow and expand this facility and I really could use your planning skills as we move forward.”

“Thank you for the compliment, Ms. Duncan, but before I commit to anything like that, I’d really need to know more about the structure of this facility as well as your background. I have no interest in getting involved with some government-run facility and having to put up with a bunch of bureaucrats who try to run this place. Or, if this place is actually owned by some out-of-state healthcare conglomerate, I can see some young hotshot MBA come in here to organize this place to be more profitable. Neither those situations is appealing to be.”

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